Phil Rothman started SevenNoTrump.com around 1995. He traveled to bridge tournaments on the east coast to sell books and supplies, then started making name tags. He kept adding products and eventually moved his business online. I pestered him for years about purchasing his business. Finally at the age of 91, he agreed to sell it to me.

After 30 years in the software industry, I started my first business in 2012. That business is called TournTables. I provide equipment and supplies to bridge tournaments in the Pacific Northwest, and I sell books and supplies to bridge players and bridge clubs. SevenNoTrump.com was a natural fit for me.

For me, bridge and games are all about the people and the community. Name tags create an opportunity to connect with people you may not know at tournaments and clubs. Same with the convention card stickers that we offer; players love collecting the stickers, and commenting on the stickers on your opponent’s convention card is a fine excuse to chat. Table covers and gifts help create a nice setting for your games with family and friends.

We continue to offer name tags, convention card stickers and table covers as the core of our business. And we continually add new products. We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction and will do all we can to earn your repeat business.

See you at that table!

David Taylor