What Do I Do? Class Handouts

Welcome to my class handouts page. This page contains links to the handouts that I’ve developed over the past several years for my bridge classes. The original idea of these handouts was to help students answer the question at any point during a hand of bridge, “Looking at this hand, what do I do now?” For example:

  • If you’re the first person to bid, you might ask yourself, “What do I open with this hand?”
  • What do I bid after my partner has opened the bidding with 1NT?
  • I’m the declarer; how do I plan the play of the hand?
  • What card should I lead to the first trick?
  • Etc

My goal has always been to think of any particular action not in isolation but as part of an overall plan for the auction / play / defense.

I welcome students to use these handouts without modification. I welcome teachers to use them for their classes without modification with appropriate attribution.

Most of these handouts I’ve used multiple times and are in pretty good shape; some are older and maybe overlap with other handouts, and some are newer and a little less polished. I will continue to update the handouts and add more over time.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at David@TournTables.com. I welcome any feedback that you might have.

Basic Bidding

More Advanced Bidding Stuff

Competitive Bidding

Play of the Hand


Other Topics


These are *ONLY* for experienced players and not intended for students: NSFS