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New 2024-2025 Pocket Planners are now in stock!

We live in strange times but we still need to keep track of our games! Pick up planners as gifts for your favorite partners now! Contact us if you’re interested in custom planners for your group.

11 thoughts on “New 2024-2025 Pocket Planners are now in stock!

  1. Do you still offer custom 2-year pocket calendars

    1. Hi Harvey,

      You may seen my separate email as well. No problem, happy to do these for you. Just send me the details in email (best to reply to my other email) and we’ll get them going for you. If you have any questions, give us a call at 866 439 5910.


  2. Will you be selling 2022-2023 pocket calendars by years end?

    1. Hi Charleen,

      Yes, we will have the 2022-2023 pocket calendars available soon. I actually have them in stock but have too much going on to make them up. Will get to them soon!


      1. When the 2022-2023 calendars be available

        1. Hi Diane,

          We have the 2022-2023 calendars available now! I’ve just updated the website, so you’ll be able to order them.


  3. Do you have 2024-2025 pocket planners WITHOUT the words “My Bridge Dates” on them?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      We also have calendars for mah jongg and canasta, We can personalize calendars for you, but only in quantity. (There would be a one-time setup fee.)


      1. Do you have plain ones with no writing on them?

        1. Sorry, no, just the ones that you see on the site.


      2. Do you have plain ones with no personalize comment?

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